We wanted to create a company to support the positive energy and overall wealth of small business. Our business model is based on delivering new technologies, innovative processes, cutting-edge products, space design consulting, and educational gatherings that inform and inspire.



Our team thrives on helping improve profitability, stimulate sales, and providing smart business solutions that save on the costs of doing business. We are always looking for “what’s next”  to help our clients stimulate momentum and growth.





“I BELIEVE people are first and profits will follow.  When you put the needs of your team and your clients in front of your own, great accomplishments will happen. Inspiring greatness in others has been my personal mantra and realizing that culture does matter!”


 ​Knowledge is power, but ONLY when shared

Ross is a native of Northern California, growing up and raising his family here in the Bay Area. Traveling to nearly 30 countries over his life has given him a zest for culture, diversity of peoples, importance of family, and understanding of others.


He is considered as one to think “out of the box” developing new ideas in shifting environments. Using knowledge gained from years working in leadership positions with prestigious brands like Revlon, Aveda, Sebastian and large distribution houses.   He has said “I found my home working to help small family business thrive”.


Ross achieved honors with a Bachelors in Business and Marketing from SJSU.  He quickly rose to become the youngest manager at Revlon and continued his career in the professional beauty industry for 3 decades. Always seeking the win/win for mutually beneficial solutions.  He takes pride in helping, inspiring, and mentoring owners and staff.  Providing new solutions in a time of disruption and change.


Spent an amazing decade with Estee Lauder's Aveda in creating hundreds of award winning professional market leading salon business’s.  Many became top industry leaders and “Top 200” winners.  Supporting the belief that ecological goals and profitability are mutually achievable. He has been very involved in business development from start to finish.  Helping in site selection, lease negotiation, design, build out, staff selection, systems and operations. Having additional knowledge in retail anthropology, space design, and the science of consumer shopping.  Producing highly profitable industry leading retail areas and supported owners in the creation of many million dollar small businesses.


Ross has joined with Ange, a stylist, former salon owner, pioneer in education, product and service development, and loves inspiring others.  Ange having worked for 2 decades at American Crew in leadership, education, and as a platform artist.  Making a great team, they both have an in depth understanding of small business needs with a love of the craft, the people, and the community they serve.


Finding innovative new business solutions to inspire beyond the possible IS the direction for their company Artistic Rebels.




Imagine if you will, someone that has devoted most of their career on the development and growth of others. This is Ange, dedicating decades to this cause, and his intent to serve continues.


As a salon owner early in his career, he has helped develop and mentor many stylists and barbers to become top performers in the industry.


Achieving a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and later his Cosmetology degree from Pivot Point, Ange now pays homage to these two achievements as they were the resources that helped create who he is today. Soon after, he established a reputation in the beauty industry. One that earned him a position as a National and International educator where he soon became one of the most requested names for advanced education. After 15 plus years on the education circuit, he accepted a position as an Education Manager with Revlon Professional where he felt that this was his opportunity to influence barbers and stylists across the globe and elevate the standard of the beauty industry.

While working in this new role he oversaw an education team of over 25 artists and cared for hundreds of salons across the Nation. His teams consistently over achieved their goals and helped inspire thousands of hairdressers and barbers.


With over 2 decades in the industry, you can still find Ange crafting educational and academy curriculums, helping salons refine service protocols, building high level customer experiences while supporting a network of salon owners and stylists.


Now joining forces with Ross, a friend and colleague where their business relationship began decades ago when Ross helped create Ange’s first mission statement that started his salon business on the road to success.


Later the two launched many educational events and the m.o.p. line in their supporting roles. Creating Artistic Rebels was a natural step for Ange and Ross. Combining their years of experience and synergistic paths forged in friendship, common values, ethics, and a need to serve others to be great.


In his off time, Ange finds solitude enjoying time outdoors hiking, fishing and playing sports with his wife and three sons.


 “my family is everything to me, and that includes my extended beauty industry family”



"We all have a little “rebel” in us...

to do better, be better, and serve better!”


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