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At OfTheBridge we’re concerned with your digital, print and brand style and design. We think about how your customers and your potential customers will form an opinion about your salon and spa business from the way they see it online. We define brand as the creation of a consumer expectation. Your style communicates your salon spa brand. All you have to do is ask yourself what would you do if the only expectation a potential customer had of your salon spa business was what they could see on the web.



Graphic Design

Menus, brochures, series, referral cards,  loyalty cards, posters, A-boards.

Everything your business needs to stand out from the crowd


Website design and development. Online promotion and giftcards, eCommerce, SEO, website hosting.

App development and all you need for your online business.


When we look at your style, everything matters. Color matters, fonts matter, image selection matters and word choice matters. It can start with just words — words like “luxury” or “results”.


At OfTheBridge we have more than 20 years of experience in the design and manufacturing of retail furniture, visual merchandising and displays. We design within your needs and look at what will make your retail products sell.

Our Working Process

Unlike others, we don’t jump into conclusions and suggest ideas right away to gain your business. Our design process follows the principles of design thinking and UX/UI in four phases.



While you’re ready to develop and implement your design idea for your salon or spa, we collect your requirements and details. It’s a matter of understanding the basics of your project. We use various methods to create a clean design briefing. We work like journalists and question everything we see.



At this stage, once the basics of the project for the salon/spa are defined, we start the creative process. We present inspiration from the analysis phase both systematically and creatively in sketches, mock ups, prototypes or renders. We use 2D and 3D renderings and we create a visualization of the concepts as a basis for your decision.



We explore and develop the design concept you selected for your salon spa business. We work with colors, materials and fonts to define the final design concept. We create final mock-ups and/or prototypes for you to decide.


Implementation - HAPPY CLIENT

When the final design is handed over, the design process ends. We deliver the complete design definition brand manuals, instructions, raw files and any other item used in the project if desired. We provide support in supervising production and/or implementing the project.


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